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報名細則 Criteria for Enrollment

  1. 參加者需先索取報名表格並向親友籌募款項,而參加者本人必須支付不少於港幣一百元作為報名費用。
    Participants are required to obtain the enrollment form and raise funds from friends and family. Moreover, the participant himself/herself must contribute at least HK$100 as enrollment fee.
  2. 基於安全理由,十六歲以下的參加者需由家長或監護人陪同方可參加。 For safety concerns, participants aged 16 or below should be accompanied by their parents or guardians to participate in this charity event.
  3. 參加者需於截止報名日期2011年4月5日前將填妥之報名表格連同善款(支票或銀行存收據正本)寄交「香港瑜珈馬拉松」辦事處辦理報名手續。名額有限,以先到先得的方式處理,額滿即止。請保留報名表格及存款收據副本以便核對。因任何理由未能出席活動者將不獲退款。繳交善款方法:
    1. 支票: 劃線支票抬頭「香港瑜珈馬拉松」
    2. 把現金存入指定銀行戶口
    Participants are requested to forward the completed enrollment form and their contributions (cheque or original bank-in slip) on or before 5th April 2011 to Hong Kong Yogathon Office for enrollment. Enrollment is on first come, first served basis. Please keep a copy of enrollment form and bank pay-in-slip for verification. No refund for non-attendance. Payment Method:
    1. By cheque: cheque should be made payable to "HONG KONG YOGATHON"
    2. Cash could be deposited into designated bank account
      HSBC: 640-031795-001 
      Standard Chartered Bank: 410-0-110095-3 
  4. 合資格參加者將大約於活動舉行前一個星期收到大會發出的確認通知書,詳列有關開始時間及活動詳細安排。如閣下於2011年4月8日仍未收到確認通知書,請致電3421 0807與「香港瑜珈馬拉松」辦事處聯絡。
    Qualified participants will receive a confirmation letter or an acknowledgement receipt with an assigned starting time and details on the event about 1 week before the event day. Please call the Hong Kong Yogathon Office at 3421 0807 if you do not receive the confirmation letter or acknowledgement receipt by 4th March 2009.
  5. 活動當日,參加者須帶同活動確認通知書及身份證明文件於其被安排之開始時間一小時前到達跑馬地馬場報到及登記,領取「香港瑜珈馬拉松2011」參加証、號碼牌及紀念包。
    On event day, participants should arrive at the Happy Valley Racecourse with their confirmation letter and their passport or HKID card one hour before their assigned starting time for registration. Each participant will receive a Yogathon Pass, a number plate and a souvenir pack.
  6. 活動當日,醫療隊將會在場協助有需要人士。
    On event day, First aid team will stand by throughout the event to provide medical help if needed.
  7. 大會保留限制及拒絕接受報名的權利。
    The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse entries without reason.
  8. 大會將保留權利聯絡參加者,查詢有關其報名資料之事宜。
    The Organizer reserves the right to contact and to interview participants by phone for additional information required for matters relating to this event.
  9. 參賽者必須確保其體格適宜參加活動。參加者必須同意遵守及接受參加條款及細則。
    All participants must ensure that they are physically and medically fit to participate in the event. They must obey and accept the terms and conditions of participation.
  10. 如天氣狀況預測欠佳,主辦單位將於2011年4月8日於大會網頁公佈最新安排,如有必要,活動將可能延期舉行。
    In case of inclement weather, announcement on the latest arrangement for the event will be made on the official website on 8th April 2011. The event may be postponed if necessary.

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